The White Bird – Downloadable Game

The White Bird is a beautiful and eerie minimalist mouse-controlled adventure where a little bird flies through hazard-filled courses in an alternate reality.

Created by Blackthornprod Games (creator of The Other Side), The White Bird is a short and visually stunning little adventure starring a little mouse-controlled bird. In each level you guide your bird around a light (normal) world to connect different points of light together, then you are transported to an alternate world filled with secrets, collectibles and hazards to deal with. You do have a handy dash attack that can protect you and bash through obstacles, but you need to be careful as using it depletes your energy and makes you shrink until you disappear.

The gameplay in The White Bird is pretty simple and it isn’t particularly challenging, but it’s a real joy exploring its stunning painterly worlds and discovering the secrets they hide. It makes for a chilled out and magical experience that you can’t help but play to completion. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Browser

Play or Download The White Bird Here

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