The Wizard’s Labyrinth – Download Game

The Wizard’s Labyrinth is a retro 1-bit styled pixel art metroidvania adventure where a sorcerer called David must find the Seven Guardians and escape the deadly labyrinth he’s trapped in.

In The Wizard’s Labyrinth you find yourself trapped within the titular Wizard’s Labyrinth – a vast cave system that’s full of deadly traps and monsters. To escape you’ll have to explore, battle monsters, chat to NPCs, learn new abilities, fight powerful bosses and visit the Seven Guardians of the labyrinth.

You die a lot as you explore the labyrinthine tunnels of The Wizard’s Labyrinth, as one hit instantly kills you. It’s not too big a deal though as you instantly respawn at where you entered that screen and all your progress remains intact. The labyrinth is a fascinating place to explore and is packed with lots of weird monsters and secrets to discover.

The retro black and white visuals of The Wizard’s Labyrinth work very well and the bosses and guardians are particularly impressive when you come face to face with them. The lore is interesting too and if you’re interested in digging into more of it then you can check out the novel The Sorcerer and the Dawn, by Josh Petty.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interaction,

Available On: Windows

Download The The Wizard’s Labyrinth Beta Here

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