The Zoo – Downloadable Game

The Zoo is a short Twilight Zone inspired point and click adventure about an astronaut who has been captured by aliens and displayed in a zoo.

The story of The Zoo follows on from the events that occurred in S1E25 of the original Twilight Zone series. It follows the story of an astronaut who finds himself locked in an alien zoo exhibit. The exhibit looks like a normal apartment, complete with Earth furniture so that the aliens can examine you in your normal habitat. There’s no obvious way to escape, but it appears that you may have some outside help as you try to make a break for it.

It’s a simple and well made little point and click adventure that does a good job of nailing the vibe of the original Twilight Zone series and expands the original story in some fun ways. A trip to the zoo well worth taking.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download The Zoo Here

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