Their Eyes – Downloadable Game

Their Eyes is a creepy and lore-filled MS-DOS styled retro survival horror game where you have just thirty minutes to escape a dark world that’s been corrupted by evil.

In Their Eyes you awaken in a strange land that’s been corrupted by a powerful evil presence. To escape you simply need to climb down a well, but to get a lantern that will light your way, you’ll need to venture through the land, meet the locals, scavenge useful items and fight freaky monsters.

You’ll die quite often in Their Eyes initially as you get to grips with its world and discover the many ways it wants to kill you. That said, each death is a learning process and there are lots of secrets, side-quests and useful objects to discover if you stray off the beaten path, which can really help you out. However, you may not want to spend too long exploring as you only have thirty minutes to escape before the darkness envelops you.

It’s a very impressive game that manages to craft a fascinating MS-DOS styled world full of lore, secrets and grotesque monsters. The retro art style works wonderfully and there’s always something interesting to discover wherever you look. Just be careful not to piss off the farmyard animals!

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Their Eyes Here

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