There’s Just Something About U

There’s Just Something About U is a narrative driven platformer where the platforms are literally the words of the story.

In There’s Just Something About U you are a little ‘i’ as they navigate a series of message logs between a teenage couple called ‘u’ and ‘i’. They chat to each other before and after school, and you traverse the text and learn their story. The platforming is each and the relationship is easy early on, but as the game progresses things get tougher (both platforming and relationship-wise), and the relationship becomes toxic.

The actual platforming is very basic and easy for the most part, but it’s a fun concept and the story really pulls you in. You really become invested in the characters and as the red flags pile up you just hope that your little ‘i’ will make it out okay. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play There’s Just Something About U Here

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