There’s Something In The Corner – Download & Browser Game

theres something in the corner

There’s Something In The Corner is a short and creepy point and click puzzle adventure in which you play a young girl who must restore the lights in her house before she goes insane.

There has been a power failure in your house, and you need to replace the fuses in the fuse box – you must find them and solve puzzles before your over-active imagination freaks you so much and you go insane.  There are four fuses to be found and replaced, with each one found in very different ways.  You’ll have to be quick though as the darkness really affects your character, eventually plunging her into madness, causing you to see more and more freaky goings on in the darkness, with objects moving and ghouls jumping out from behind objects.

It’s a well crafted little horror adventure, packed with little jump scares and a few tricky puzzles.  Will you be able to get the lights back on before you go insane?

Controls:  A/D – Movement,  LMB – Interact

Available On:  Browser & Windows

Play Or Download There’s Something In The Corner Here

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