There’s Something In The Pipes – Downloadable Game

There’s Something In The Pipes is a wholesome and lighthearted little point and click horror adventure where you attempt to deal with a bath full of blood.

In There’s Something In The Pipes you are a movie rental store owner who finds that their bath is full of blood, just an hour before their shift is due to start. You’re puzzled about how the blood got there as (to the best of your knowledge) you haven’t killed anyone, but needless to say you need to get the bath fixed so that you can have a shower before work.

Ridding your bath of the blood won’t be as easy as pulling the plug and you won’t get a plumber at such short notice. You’ll need to search the bathroom for useful objects and clues, and thankfully you can call up your friend at any time for a little guidance (or if you just fancy a chat).

It’s a great little puzzle adventure with a nice sense of humor, charming characters, well written dialogue and for puzzles. Good clean fun in a very bloody bathtub.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download There’s Something In The Pipes Here

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