THEY HAVE NO CHOICE is a fun fouth wall breaking little narrative based adventure that exlores the illusion of choice and the pre-determined roles of characters in video games.

In THEY HAVE NO CHOICE you control a happy big black blobby creature who is on a mission to save a princess. Along the way you’ll meet and chat wioth NPC’s who are trapped witin the confines of their programming. They have no choice, as hard as they try to avoid it thet must carry out the actions the programmer coded them to do. The more you explore, the more you realise maybe they’re not the only ones…

It’s a fun little game that takes some interesting twists as you guide your cute black blob on his jurney of enlightement. A interesting experience that’ll give you a better apreciation for the poor NPC’s in future games you play!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump

Available On: All Browsers