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they live

They Live is a super tough, slightly unfair, but oddly addictive pixel art arcade game in which you control the late, great Rowdy Roddy Piper as he kicks ass and chews bubble gum (but he’s all out of bubble gum).

For those that have never seen the movie They Live, you’re missing out on a B-movie masterpiece.  In it Rowdy Roddy Piper’s character comes across a pair of sunglasses that allow him to see aliens that have disguised themselves as humans and have filled the world with subliminal messaging to keep humans subdued.

The aim of They Live the game is to blast as many aliens as possible and escape the bank alive, gaining enough points to purchase upgrades that will help you on your next run.  You can escape the bank at any time, just by walking out the door to your left, but you’ll need to blast plenty of aliens to earn enough points for upgrades.  With no upgrades the game is punishingly tough, thanks largely to two big issues – your shotgun seems to have the range of a weak sneeze and you can get shot, even after you’ve left the bank.

The They Live game is a tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piper, who sadly passed away this year.  It’s a fairly basic arcade shooter, with punishing gameplay and a really crappy shotgun, but it does have some nice touches (especially the soundbytes and video footage).  As unfair as the game seems, it’s surprisingly addictive, and a fun tribute to an ass-kicking wrestling legend.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  W – Use Glasses,  A – Reload,  S – Shoot,  D – Roll

Available On:  All Browsers

Play They Live Here

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