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Thirteen & Half Cats is a short witchy narrative adventure in which you use spells to track down thirteen cats that are scattered across an island, helping to break your mysterious curse in the process.

In Thirteen & Half Cats you play a witch who seems to have been struck down by a powerful curse. Luckily help is at hand in the form of another witch who comes to your aid and asks you to go in search of the thirteen cats that are scattered across the island you’re on. Some cats are out in the open, but others will need a little assistance using the various spells your witchy friend bestows upon you.

It’s a simple little game with some very basic puzzles, but the charming art style and the heartfelt sentiment behind it make for a delightful experience, especially when you realise the significance of the “half cat”. A wonderful witchy adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Progress Dialogue, Mouse – Select Spell

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Thirteen & Half Cats Here

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