This Date Blows – Browser Game

This Date Blows is a funny little multitasking adventure where you attempt to keep your date happy whilst secretly diffusing bombs below the table.

In This Date Blows you are on a romantic date, which seems to be going well, but there’s a slight problem – there are lots deadly bombs that need defusing. While on your date you need to chat to your date to keep her happy, but you’ll also need to peek under the table to defuse the bombs remotely via your phone screen.

Thankfully you do have a buddy to talk you through the procedure, but as the bombs keep getting more complicated so do your instructions. It may be hard to defuse those bombs and keep your date happy.

It’s a fun little game with a great sense of humor, great (deliberately silly) voice acting and a a clever premise. Hopefully your multitasking skills are up to the task – a lot of lives are depending on you!

Controls: WASD – Select Options, Spacebar – Look Under Table, Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Play This Date Blows Here

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