This Hole in My Chest – Browser Game

This Hole in My Chest is a quirky and oddly addictive little play toy that sees you experimenting with the environment as you attempt to fill the hole in your chest.

More of an interactive plaything than a game, This Hole in My Chest is a simple, but fun little experience that was created by the dev to cheer up a friend who said they felt a hole in their chest. It sees you controlling a triangular little ship as it flies around a hole surrounded by little wiggly alveoli. Interacting with the alveoli and other objects that appear, with you eventually causing a large chain reaction that fills the hole.

It’s a simple little experience but is oddly satisfying and uplifting thanks to the ambient soundtrack and the charming visual design. A hole lot of fun.

Controls: Arrow Keys/Mouse – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Play This Hole in My Chest Here

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