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This is the Way is a short interactive existential parable based on Franz Kafka’s Before the Law, and sees you trying to get through a door.

In This is the Way you have undertaken a long journey and find yourself standing in front of a door. You need to get through that door and are certain that your life will be fixed if you do, but you don’t actually know what’s behind there and someone is preventing the door from opening. You can ask them questions though and they’ll slip the answers, written on bits of paper, under the door.

Much like in Franz Kafka’s Before the Law, there is a little uncertainty in nailing down exactly what the interpretation of its meaning is. Kafka’s story also included elements of an impenetrable legal system, but This is the Way focuses more on the allegory of how we hold ourselves back – both individually and as a society. We are the doorkeepers, preventing ourselves from getting what we want.

It’s a cleverly told and captivating story, with some great voicework and a dreamlike soundtrack. There are three different endings too, though it is based on a Kafka story so don’t expect any of them to be happy!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download This is the Way Here

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