This Person Does Not Exist – Browser Game

This Person Does Not Exist is a rather unsettling little experimental play toy that uses a neural network AI to instantly generate a new fake person every time you refresh the page.

As real as they look, not a single person in the images above has ever existed. The creator of This Person Does Not Exist, Philip Wang used a huge database of real images an open source Generative Adversarial Network (a special type of neural networking AI) called StyleGAN to create this very impressive, if slightly unsettling project.

Very occasionally you may come across a picture that doesn’t quite look right, but 99% of the time the people that are generated are impossible to tell apart from the real thing. It’s pretty freaky that an AI can create images of humans that humans can’t tell are fake. It also gets a little unnerving when you stare at the eyes while reloading the page as the eyes are usually always in exactly the same place. Click through enough of them and you may even find someone who looks a lot like you in there – then you’ll start to question your own identity!

Controls: Refresh page to generate a new person.

Available On: All Browsers

Try This Person Does Not Exist Here

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