This World Is Not My Own – Download & Browser Game

this world is not my home

This World Is Not My Home is a wonderfully relaxing, meditative experience full of randomly generated motivational slogans, hypnotic visuals and chilled out music.

There’s a distinct tongue-in-cheek corporate feel to the experience, with a lot of the slogans aimed at making you happier at your work, as well as some truly bizarre ones, such as ‘Falling asleep in a warehouse full of warm vending machines’. There’s not much interaction, you simply press the spacebar to control movement, with you able to ‘try different holding patterns for maximum synergy’.

This World Is Not My Home may not offer the most sensible life advice, but you’ll certainly feel more relaxed after a play through.  Beautiful, bizarre and oddly hypnotic melodic meditation.

Controls:  Spacebar – Undulate

Available On: Win, Mac, Linux & Unity Suported Browsers

Play or Download The World Is Not My Own Here

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