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Thorn features a stylish blend of Escher-esque optical illusion puzzling and turn based tactics as you attempt to save your floating lands from the darkness that’s infecting them.

Created by students of ETPA, in Thorn you take control of a bird person called Isha, who is attempting to save her civilization from an evil that’s infecting it. To do so you’ll have to journey through a series of grid based levels that are patrolled by monsters.

Movement is turn-based and the monsters will kill you if they catch you so you have to avoid them. You don’t have any means of defending yourself, but you can rotate the game world, causing Escher-esque optical illusions which allow you to reach new areas.

It can be a little buggy now and again, but it’s a beautiful little game with a great visual style and an innovative blend of puzzling and turn based tactical gameplay. A cleverly crafted avian adventure well worth checking out.

Note: Thorn is controlled entirely via the mouse, swipe the screen left or right to rotate the world.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Thorn Here

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