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thoughts and prayers game

Thoughts and Prayers The Game is a short, controversial and thought provoking game in which you attempt to use your thoughts and prayers to combat America’s epidemic of mass shootings.

Thoughts and Prayers: The Game (purposely) looks and feels like a garish and rather insensitive arcade game when you first load it up, with bright, colorful pixel art visuals and a cheesy rock track playing in the background, but stick with it and you’ll find there’s more to it than that. To play you simply hammer the ‘T’ button to send your thoughts and hammer the ‘P’ button to send your prayers. Unfortunately no matter how fast you press the T and P buttons, you won’t manage to save a single life, but after a few seconds you’re given a third button to press which offers up a solution which may actually save a lot of lives. The only things standing between you and pressing that button? Just politics, money and the 2nd amendment.

At the end of Thoughts and Prayers: The Game’s short play time its message is clear – thoughts and prayers are all well and good, but to combat these mass shootings and actually save lives something more has to be done. It’s so ingrained in the culture that it’s unlikely America will ever fully give up the right to bear arms, but maybe it’s time to re-examine why anyone would really need to own a semi-automatic assault weapon. If there’s a compelling reason for someone to own a gun that can fire over a hundred rounds in a minute, we’ve yet to hear it.

Controls: T – Thoughts, P – Prayers, B – Other

Available On: All Browsers

Play Thoughts and Prayers: The Game Here

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