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Cat Thug Game Download

Thug Cat is a silly little cat simulator that allows you to do what cats do best – paw at objects until they fall they fall to the ground and smash.

As much as we love them, cats are dicks, and Thug Cat celebrates their nonchalant attitudes towards their owners happiness by allowing you to partake in one of their favorite pastimes. Played entirely with just the Spacebar, in your aim is to knock as many objects as possible to the ground without getting spotted by your owner. You paw at objects to push them towards the edge, and attempt to knock them off before your timer runs out. You’ll need to keep one eye on your owner who’s sat in the corner of the room though, if he spots you in the act of destroying his stuff then it’s game over.

It’s a very simple game, but the visual design is great and there is a lot of joy to be had from knocking objects off ledges – which is probably why cats do it!

Controls: Spacebar – Paw!

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Thug Cat Here

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