Time Stands Still – Browser Game

time stands still

Time Stands Still is a wonderful puzzle platformer that takes years to complete – four hundred year to be precise!

You play an ancient stone being who has foreseen a huge disaster that will take place in four hundred years time, and must travel across the land solving puzzles that involve the passage of time.You’re not the most agile of creatures, but you do have time on your side – being made of stone means that you can stand and wait a LONG time.  This comes in handy in a variety of ways on your journey – from waiting for a tree to grow to letting the sea freeze over so you can walk on it.

It’s a very clever premise, well implemented and wrapped up in some charming pixel art animation.  Time waits for no-one, but if you’re made of stone there’s no rush!

Controls:  Arrow – Keys Movement,  Spacebar – Wait,  E – Interact

Available On:  All Browsers

Stuck?  Check out a Markiplier Playthough Here

Play Time Stands Still Here

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