Timeline(s) – Browser Game


Timeline(s) is a short time travelling point and click adventure in which you travel back to the past to repair your mistakes and fix the present.

There are three different scenarios in Timeline(s), each of which will require you interact with objects in the past to make you life better in the present.  Interestingly you travel back and forth in time just by walking across the screen – with the left hand side representing the past and the right hand side representing the present.

You start Timeline(s) in the remnants of a house fire, single, suicidal and alone, but play your cards right and you’ll transform your life and make the future worth living in.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Unity Supported Browsers (Not Chrome)

Play Timeline(s) Here

1 thought on “Timeline(s) – Browser Game”

  1. nice little 5 minute game, wish it had multiple endings, or more things to change, but for only having a week to program it, nicely done. The kitty is my fave part.

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