Tiny Frontier Saga – Browser Game

Tiny Frontier Saga Game

Tiny Frontier Saga is an addictive retro Wild West roguelike in which you play a lone sherrif who enters a randomly generated bandit hideout to rescue his beloved who’s been kidnapped.

Tiny Frontier Saga is easy to pick up and play but hard to beat thanks to the scarce ammo supply and the way you need to predict the movement of your enemies to shoot them. A new randomly generated hideout is created each playthrough and movement is turn based, with the bandits moving or attacking each time you move/attack.

There’s lots of cash, heath and ammo pick-ups to collect, and even new weaponry to collect but you’ll need to be careful with your ammo – a gun without ammo is just a useless lump of metal. One good (if risky) tactic is to get up close to some of the bandits and melee them, and there’s also a helpful merchant that will pop up now and again who can sell you ammo and upgrades.

It’s a very addictive little roguelike with charming pixel art visuals, a nice sense of humor and a fun old frontier setting. A Wonderful Wild West caper well worth checking out!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Mouse – Fire/Interact

Available On: All Browsers

Play Tiny Frontier Saga Here

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