Tiny Golf Puzzles – Browser Game

Tiny Golf Puzzles is a chilled out and inventive little golf-based puzzler where you attempt to sink all your balls in the holes using as few hits as possible.

Created on the PICO-8 virtual console, Tiny Golf Puzzles is a golf themed slide-til-you-stop puzzle game where you try to knock all the balls into individual holes on each level. There are often multiple balls per level and when you press a direction the balls will all go that way until they hit something. This means you have to plan your movements especially as you also have to deal with water traps, bunkers and rolling rocks too.

With 32 well crafted puzzles to play through, Tiny Golf Puzzles is a charming, relaxing and addictive little puzzler. The chiptune soundtrack is excellent and the level design is very inventive. A quick little roud of gold well worth taking.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interaction,

Available On: Browser

Play Tiny Golf Puzzles Here

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