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Tiny Heist game

Tiny Heist is a charming and challenging blend of turn based procedurally generated roguelike dungeon crawling and Metal Gear-style stealth, as you avoid guards, dogs and cameras while descending deeper into a vault.

Tiny Heist is another simple, innovative and super addictive creation from the remarkable mind of Terry Cavanagh (Super Hexagon, VVVVVV and Moving Stories). In the game you play a burglar who must use stealth, cunning and the occasional handy item to make their way through fifteen levels of procedurally generated dungeons and defeat a boss. It’s not going to be easy though – the further you descend, the more hazards that are introduced – you’ll need skill, careful planning and a bit of luck to make it to the end.

In Tiny Heist you control your little burglar with the arrow keys, and every time you move all the guards and security cameras move too. You can see the field of view of the guards/cameras, and ideally you want to grab the key, unlock the door to the exit and escape without being spotted. This isn’t always possible though, so sometimes you’ll just have to make a break for it, or you can use some of the handy items that are randomly scattered around the levels – from banana skins to handguns. There’s even a shopkeeper that turns up now and again that will sell you items for the gems you collect during the levels.

Tiny Heist is very tough but very addictive, and those charming retro visuals belie some very satisfying stealthy dungeon crawling gameplay in which every level is a unique puzzle that’s waiting for you to crack it. A very cool little gem well worth breaking into.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z/Spacebar -Wait, 1/2/3 – Use Item

Available On: All Browsers

Special thanks to Andrea Turel Caccese for the heads up about this game!

Play Tiny Heist Here

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