Tiny Sim – Browser Game

Tiny Sim is a fully functional little flight sim created in PICO-8, which sees you attempting to land a Cessna-172R on a runway during the night.

Seeing as the PICO-8 virtual console has roughly the same limitations as the 8-bit NES console, it really shouldn’t be able to power a fully functional flight sim. Somehow though, developers yellowbarron and freds72 have done it and it’s a fun little game! It’s fairly short, and sees you attempting to land your plane on a runway at night time.

As with most flight sims, there are quite a few keys to remember, but it’s pretty easy to get to grips with (easier than most flight sims anyway). Your instrument read-out takes up most of the view by default but you can remove it by pressing “D” if you want to take in the scenery. Admittedly, compared to modern-day flight sims it is a fairly basic experience, but when you consider what it’s running on it really is a marvel.

Controls: Read the Cheet Sheet or the 34 Page Flight Manual

Available On: Windows

Play Tiny Sim Here

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