Tiny Soccer Manager Stories – Downloadable Game

Tiny Soccer Manager Stories

Tiny Soccer Manager Stories is a wonderful blend of mathematical puzzling and excellent storytelling in which you play a replacement gym teacher who much choose balanced sides for football (or soccer) practice.

Starting off with 12 school kids, each with different football abilities, you must make 2 balanced teams, taking into account that some kids play better when in the same team as certain others. It’s basically a mathematical logic puzzle, that requires a bit of problem solving to figure out.

The best, and most surprising thing about Tiny Soccer Manager Stories is the story though. Playing out over 12 weeks, it features a remarkable bit of storytelling that sees you forming a bond with the kids, and learning more about their problems, touching on issues that are quite commonplace in high school, such as bullying, first crushes and eating disorders. The children grow and change in front of your eyes, leaving you with a feeling that you’ve had an impact on their lives (and there was ‘no fat kid left behind!’)

Controls: Point & Click

Available On: Windows only

Note:  If you get stuck, you can skip to the next puzzle by pressing Escape

Download Tiny Soccer Manager Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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