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[Title Sold Separately] is a quirky little platformer where you literally have to pay to win, as well as pay to move, pay to jump – in fact you have to pay to do anything really!

[Title Sold Separately] gives players a glimpse of the grim future of gaming in a microtransaction-riddled pay-to-win platforming adventure where everything costs money. You start the game as an inanimate black block in a nondescript blocky environment, with the only bits of color being the intrusive ads that pop-up now and again.

To move you have to go into the in-game shop and purchase the ability to move left and right, after which you’ll be able to traverse the environment and collect cash which you can use to unlock new upgrades – such as the ability to jump, a better soundtrack, HD graphics and you can literally pay to win the game.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a fun little game that does a good job of parodying the microtransaction filled Free-to Play game market. The platforming is fairly simple, but it’s great fun seeing how each of the unlocks upgrades your gaming experience.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Jump, X – Dash, Return – Select

Available On: Windows

Download [Title Sold Separately] Here

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