To Lose One’s Self – Downloadable Game

to lose one's self

To Lose One’s Self is a creepy psychological horror that traps players within an unbeatable maze in their own mind, as they try and collect six important items from their childhood while being chased by a sinister manifestation of their fears.

After a brief introductory stage where you can find out why the six items mean so much to you the walls fall down and you find yourself in a strange maze.  This maze cannot be beaten using normal methods of exploration, but you do have a handy ability to ‘drop the walls’ for brief periods of time allowing you to skip through sections of the maze.  This power must be used with caution though as there’s a deadly monster roaming the maze too – and when the walls are down there’s nothing to stop it!

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Mouse – Look,  E – Interact,  F – Use Power

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Download To Lose One’s Self Here

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