To The End of Days – Downloadable Game

To The End of Days is a brutal Sci-Fi horror FPS where a lone man tries to make his way back to his family during an Eldritch apocalypse.

A prequel to the excellent Carthanc, To The End of Days was originally released as part of the Dread X Collection, but is now available to download for free. In the game a massive comet is on a collision course for Earth and all attempts to stop it have failed. Now you need to make your way back to your family before your inevitable demise, but the streets are filled with doomsday cultists who are attempting to purge non-believers such as yourself. Thankfully you have your trusty shotgun axe which can make quick work of them!

Taking around 45 minutes to play though, To The End of Days is a gloriously brutal game that does a great job of channelling B-Movie Sci-Fi and 80’s video nasty horror. It does a great job of building the world, the shotgun axe does some serious damage and the story is excellent. Of special note are the voice acting and the audio design, which add a lot of atmosphere and personality to the game. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse & keyboard

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download To The End of Days Here

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