Toc Toc – Browser Game

Toc Toc is a quirky little point and click adventure where a freaky entity in an abandoned house sends you on a series of absurd quests.

Created for the A Game By Its Cover game jam, Toc Toc is a spooky and wholesome little point and click puzzle adventure where you get caught snooping on an abandoned house. The mysterious entity that catches you then shrinks you down to less to a few inches tall and sends you off to fetch three things for it. Each of the three objects you need to retrieve are in differently themed areas and are filled with quirky characters and tricky puzzles to solve.

It’s a wonderfully absurd little adventure with an excellent art style and well crafted environments. Some of the puzzles are a little obscure so you’ll need to experiment a little (and if you’re stuck there’s a hints file on the game page). Maybe by the end you’ll have learned not to snoop in abandoned houses!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Browser

Play Toc Toc Here

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