Together – Browser Game

Together is a charming little painting game where you attempt to create works of art while also sacrificing the things you need to paint to help fulfil your family’s needs.

In Together you are given a random selection of four paintings to create, such as “a cat”, “a flower” or “a sailor”. You don’t have a time limit and your art doesn’t get scored in any way but obviously you’d like to make them at least resemble then things they’re supposed to look like.

After creating each painting you are then given the choice to sacrifice something that helps you create your art (such as paint colors and heating) to help cover your family’s needs. This limits your ability to paint somewhat (particularly the heating) so you can refuse the sacrifice, but your family will struggle, resent you and may even die. It’s also a lot more fun to try and paint objects with the new restrictions anyway so it’s always best to make the sacrifice!

It’s a simple game that doesn’t take long to play through (depending on how long you spend on your artwork), but it’s a fun concept which would be great for expanding on and allows you to see what works of art you can create with such limited resources. Can you paint a dog with only three colors, no canvas and a dose of the shakes?

Controls: Moise – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play Together Here

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