Tommy Gun Witches – Downloadable Game

Tommy Gun Witches is a paranormal murder mystery adventure where a detective investigates crimes committed by witches and other supernatural entities

In Tommy Gun Witches you are a detective who has been called out to investigate a murder which may have been committed by a witch. All of the witches were once banished to another dimension but there are things about the crime scene that are consistent with their MO.

Tommy Gun Witches plays like a traditional point and click adventure and sees you searching for clues and interrogating witnesses. You’ll travel to different locations throughout the city as you try to piece together the case, all while your oddball boss lies on a hotel bed watching TV.

It’s a great little murder mystery adventure with excellent pixel art backgrounds, interesting characters and an intriguing world with a well fleshed out lore. See if you can figure out which witch did it.

Controls: Mouse- Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Tommy Gun Witches Here

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