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Tony Hawk’s Existential Nightmare is a hilarious and delightfully badly animated rhythm action skateboarding game that tells the (possibly not factually accurate) story of how Tony Hawk became a legend.

In Tony Hawk’s Existential Nightmare you follow the story of Anthony Hawk as he goes from being a skater kid to a skating and video game legend. It is technically a skating game, but really it’s more of a rhythm-action parody, with you hitting different keys as they scroll down the screen (which increases your score but has no effect on the gameplay or story).

The animation in Tony Hawk’s Existential Nightmare is some of the worst you’ll ever see in a video game, but that’s kinda the point and it’s absolutely hilarious because of it. If you don’t crack a smile as Tony Hawk’s mom back-scuttles into the garage to talk about his dad’s tragic accident then you may be dead inside.

Tony Hawk’s Existential Nightmare takes some wonderfully weird and dark twists towards the end, but it’s the early years of Tony Hawk’s story, when he spends his time skating around with his best buddy Rodney Mullen, that are the most delightful. There’s a childish charm to the voicework, the songs are fantastic (especially the second one) and Rod is a radical dude with some sage advice for his best buddy. But will Tony listen to him? Highly Recommended.

Controls: WASD – Skate, Spacebar – Interaction

Available On: Windows and Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play Tony Hawk’s Existential Nightmare Here

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