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Toripon is a delightful little game where you explore a low rez apartment and take pictures of cute little birdies to make people happy on the internet.

In Toripon you wander around an inner-city apartment that’s filled with cute little birds having fun. The majority of these birds are cute little colored budgerigars, but you’ll also come across larger ones – such as a duck in a bathtub.

Once you’ve acclimatized to the charming pixelated visuals and the bird filled apartment you can get to work – taking pictures of the cute little birds as they get up to silly activities. Each picture you take of the birds are automatically posted on the Toripon’s Twitter-esque in-game social media app, earning you likes and followers in the process. By taking pictures of certain things you’ll also unlock new birds for the apartment!

It’s a charming little game that makes for a carefree and uplifting experience as you snap the happy little birdies in their inner-city habitat. A wonderfully quirky little bird-filled oddity that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E- Toggle Camera, Spacebar – Take Pic, Q – Toggle Feed, Ctrl – Crouch

Available On: Windows

Download Toripon Here

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