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Torn Sails game download

Torn Sails is a fast paced and beautifully animated 1v1 pirate combat game in which players navigate a tiny sea, collecting power-ups and attempting to blow their opponent out of the water.

Torn Sails is a simple, but very addictive game playable in competitive multiplayer or in single player against an AI. Players control adorable little pirate ships as they attempt to blow their opponents to smithereens or push them off the edge of the small flat disc shapes sea that comprises the game arena. During battles a nice selection of perks and weaponry spawn across the area too, that can really turn the tide against your opponent.

The combat is fast paced and runs along at a silky smooth 60fps, with a surprising amount of nuance to the gameplay. Each match takes three minutes, with the victor being the pirate who has died less. Your standard weaponry is a cannon that takes a little time to reload, but you can have multiple shots ready at once if your ammo slots will allow it. These ammo slots are actually your health, so each time you get hit you’ll lose a slot and be able to fire a cannon less. Lose all your slots and your ship will explode, your opponent will score a point and you’ll start with a new ship – but your opponent will continue in the ship they’s using (complete with their current ammo slots and power-ups).

Torn Sails really impresses with it’s charming premise, excellent pixel art animation and easily accessible but highly competitive nautical warfare. A fabulous pirated combat game we highly recommend setting sail for!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Arrow Keys – Fire, Spacebar – Dash, (Control Pad Also Supported)

Available On: Windows

Download Torn Sails Here

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