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Total Chaos is a tense and atmospheric melee-focused first person survival horror adventure set on a remote island filled grotesque abominations.

Although Total Chaos is a Doom 2 total conversion mod, it’s a standalone project, so you can just unzip the files and play (no need to mess around with WADs and emulators). Also, it looks FAR better than any Doom mod has any right to – don’t expect to see any low rez textures or 2D sprites here, it’s a full 3D first person survival horror adventure that looks as good as anything you’ll find on Unity or Unreal Engine. Quite how the devs have managed this technical wizardry is a mystery, but the results are remarkable.

Total Chaos sees your ship being damaged in a storm and being washed up on a remote island called Fort Oasis. The island was abandoned after a community of coal miners disappeared one day but you receive a radio message from a stranger who needs your help. The more you explore, the more dark secrets you discover and the more horrifying monsters you have to contend with.

Although it’s based on the Doom 2 engine, Total Chaos is a hardcore survival horror game at heart, sharing more in common with Resident Evil than the the demon blasting antics of Doom. Weapons and resources are in short supply and enemies can do some serious damage if they get a hold of you. You do get access to guns (much) later on, but for the majority of the game you’re dependant on throwable objects and melee weapons to fend off the enemy. These vary in durability and can break, but you can repair and craft new ones in the game’s easy to use crafting system.

It’s a fantastic game that does things with the GZDoom engine that you’ll never have thought were possible and delivers a tense and terrifying survival horror experience. There are some real heart-stopping moments and every monster that you encounter could easily kill you if you’re not careful. Very highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Attack, RMB – Secondary, Shift – Run, Spacebar – Jump, I – Inventory, J – Journal.

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Total Chaos Here

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  1. Glad you give this masterpiece a platform here! I followed its development for years. It’s an incredible achievement – not only technically but also in terms of gameplay and overall atmosphere and playability. For me it beats most of the so called AAA-stuff. Such a exceptional game should cost money.

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