Touchdown Hero: New Season – Browser Game

Touchdown Hero New Season Game

Touchdown Hero: New Season is a very addictive NFL-themed high score chasing arcade game in which you charge up the field for as long as possible, avoiding getting tackled as you go.

Touchdown Hero: New Season is very easy to pick up and play, with you using the mouse to move your character and pressing the spacebar to charge through tackles. The charge move is on a cooldown though, so it’s best saved for when you really need it. You can also zoom out for a few seconds and pause time by pressing the left mouse button, but this often just gets you into more trouble than it’s worth as you inevitably get tackled straight away when play resumes.

It’s a simple, but very addictive game, with nice pixel art visuals, fast paced gameplay and lots of unlockable strips that bear a striking resemblance to their official NFL counterparts. A fun bit of arcade action well worth lacing up your boots for.

Controls: Mouse – Movement, Spacebar – Charge, LMB – Zoom/Pause

Available On: All Browsers

Play Touchdown Hero: New Season Here

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