Towards the Pantheon: Escaping Eternity – Download Game

Towards the Pantheon: Escaping Eternity is a very creepy top down pixel art horror adventure that sees you playing a soldier who finds himself in a decaying old building that’s haunted by malevolent spirits.

Towards the Pantheon: Escaping Eternity is a standalone prequel to the upcoming Towards the Pantheon RPG adventure. Taking around 45 minutes to complete, you explore a creepy old building that appears to have been used for medical research and cultist ceremonies. It’s a very claustrophobic and foreboding place to explore, with the excellent pixel artwork and an ominous soundtrack that really helping to build up a sense of tension.

As you progress you’ll solve puzzles and discover more about the mysterious place you’ve woken up in. It avoids spelling out the narrative, leaving the player to piece together the information they find and it takes some surreal (and scary) turns along the way. It’s a well crafted horror adventure that fills you with dread as you uncover its dark secrets. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Move, X – Interact

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Towards the Pantheon: Escaping Eternity Here

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