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TowerBeats is a super cool rhythm-based tower defense game in which you build up your own synthwave songs as you build your towers.

Much like in any tower defense game, your aim is to defend your base from waves of enemy attacks. However, in TowerBeats every tower that you build and the place that you build it dynamically effects the soundtrack, with you building up your own synthwave song as you build your towers.

There are three types of upgradeable towers, each with their own specific strengths and each with their own unique sounds/riffs which play when the scanner (the line that spins anti-clockwise around the arena) passes over them. The towers also have two types of attack – a normal attack that they do when enemies are nearby and a more powerful attack that they do when the scanner passes over them.

There are only two levels in TowerBeats at the moment (with promise of more to be added in the future), but they’re both a delight to play. They offer a nice amount of challenge, but what really makes the game so enjoyable are the pulsing neon visuals and the super cool synthwave soundtrack that you build as you play. Part tower defense, part music creation tool, all awesome.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download TowerBeats Here

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