Toy Cavers – Downloadable Game

Toy Cavers is a fun little physics based pixel art platformer where you control two tethered together climbers as they climb through labyrinthine caves.

Created for the Lost Relic Game Jam, in Toy Cavers you control two climbers who are attached together by a climbing rope. You can alternate between which climber you control, and when unobstructed the other climber follows behind, but thighs get more interesting when you reach an obstacle. You can use a hoot to attach a climber to a surface and then swing the other climber through the air (until they hit a surface and you hook on to it, etc). This allows you to scale insurmountable looking objects and even traverse ceilings.

It’s a simple, but fun little game with a very satisfying blimbing mechanic and a nice variety of obstacles to scale (particularly if you go for the bonus collectibles). A retro climbing adventure well worth digging into.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play Toy Cavers Here

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