Trajectory – Downloadable Game


Trajectory is a stylish trajectory-plotting puzzle platformer in which you can only steer your vehicle whilst travelling over land, with you left drifting at your last set turning cycle while traveling over chasms.

Controlled via a mouse or control pad, your goal (in story mode) is to traverse the various chasms and obstacles in each level to make it to the exit. This is fairly easy while travelling over land, but things get interesting when you reach a chasm. instead of falling to your doom when reaching a chasm, you continue onvards on your current trajectory – this doesn’t mean that you contine straight forwards, instead you continue to turn at the angle you are facing, allowing you to slowly arc across the gaps (or smash head first into a wall).

This trajectory-plotting gameplay can take a little time to get to grips with, but once you master it, the game offers a fun and rather serene puzzle platforming experience. A slick, stylish and surprisingly cerebral game well worth plotting course for.

Controls: Steer – Mouse, C – Camera

Available On:  Windows Only

Download Trajectory Here

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