Tram of Wishes – Downloadable Game

Tram of Wishes is a beautiful little meditative adventure where a humble tram driver helps his passengers achieve their desires.

In Tram of Wishes you control a little tram as it travels along a track each day, stopping at stations to let people on or off. As you drive you can eavesdrop on your passengers’ thoughts to figure out what they most want, and then you can choose places (other than designated stops) to stop at and help them out.

It’s a simple little game but very uplifting and the artwork is fantastic. It does a good job of leaving you to figure out how to help the passengers and driving your little tram is very relaxing. A delightful little tram ride that will brighten up your day.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Forward/Back, Spacebar – Bell, Z – Open/Close Doors

Available On: Windows(Steam)

Download Tram of Wishes Here

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