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Tram Packed is a funny little physics based game where you attempt to help a squishy little ragdoll jelly-man escape from a series of packed trams.

In Tram Packed you control a cute little wobbly pink jelly-man who is travelling by tram. The tram is at your stop, but it won’t wait there for long, you need to walk, wiggle, squeeze, shove and jump your way to the exit door before the tram leaves. Manage to reach the exit before the time’s up then you’ll move onto the next level, but if you fail then it’s game over and you have to start again.

It’s a simple little game with a fun premise, charming visuals and a catchy soundtrack. It would be nice if you could slap around the other commuters a little to help dispel a bit of travel rage, but even as it stands it’s a delightful little distraction that’s bound to make you smile!

Controls: Keyboard & Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Gampelay Video: Here

Download Tram Packed Here

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