Trapdoor Ep1: Lost and Found – Downloadable Game

Trapdoor Ep1: Lost and Found is a wonderful little fan made point and click adventure based on the classic British claymation Trapdoor TV show.

For thare unaware, Trapdoor was a weird and wonderful claymation TV show from the 80’s, about a bunch of odd creatures who lived in a castle which contained a trapdoor that led to a dungeon filled with freaky monsters. The star of the show was the lovable blue Berk, and in this fan-made game you need to help him make a meal for his master and then go in search of his buddy Boni.

Your enjoyment of Trapdoor Ep1: Lost and Found will likely be largely dependent on whether you’re familiar with the TV show. It does have a few rough edges and the puzzles are fairly simple, but it does a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of the show and it’s great to spend some time with Berk and pals again. Plus, it’s got that fantastic Trapdoor theme tune!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Trapdoor Ep1: Lost and Found Here

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