Trappy Mine – Downloadable Game

Trappy Mine

Trappy Mine is a super-tough mining game with charming Game Boy infused visuals, in which you must mine ever downwards, collecting riches and avoiding deadly traps.

It’s a dangerous life being a miner in Trappy Mine, especially if the mine is laced with traps and the fastest way of mining is with bombs!  You’ll need to dig fast too – the screen is continually moving downwards and if you get trapped at the top your mining days are over.

It’s a fast paced and addictive game, in which one tiny slip up can mean certain death.  You’ll have to balance speed with caution as you descend down deeper into the mine and reap the huge financial rewards for putting your life on the line!

Controls: Left arrow/right arrow – Movement, Spacebar – Jump,  C – Use Pickaxe (Use Up & Down Arrow Keys To Mine Up or Down),  X – Throw Bomb,  X + Down – Place Bomb, S – Look Down

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Trappy Mine Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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