Trash The Planet – Browser Game

Trash The Planet is a satirical narrative-driven resource management/incremental clicker game that throws up lots of fun surprises as a group of raccoons go from collecting trash to ruling the planet.

Trash The Planet starts out similarly to most incremental clickers, with you collecting food and trash that you can use to expand and upgrade your colony. However, that’s just the first act. As your colony grows things get much more complex, and the raccoons learn new behaviors. Due to the fact most of these behaviours are learned by studying humans, they’re not the most positive of traits, but they do allow the raccoons to make a LOT of money.

The numbers get bigger, the raccoon society evolves and the world suffers. It doesn’t take a genius to draw any parallels to human society – in fact you can even manipulate the stock market in the game with absolutely no consequences!

Thankfully even though Trash The Planet is an incremental clicker, it isn’t a massive time sink and can be played through in 1-2 hours. It’s an excellent little game with addictive gameplay, lots of interesting little twists, fun (and fun to hate) characters, a great sense of humor and a meaningful message. An incremental clicker about waste that won’t waste your time.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Play Trash The Planet Here

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