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Trauma is a cleverly crafted puzzle platformer in which you kill yourself and use your dead bodies as tools as you delve deep into your subconscious to uncover your suppressed memories of a traumatic event.

In Trauma you play a man who is exploring his subconscious, searching for clues that will help him remember what events transpired one fateful May Day night. You move through the world as in a traditional platformer, but you can press a button to instantly die (or die by touching a hazard) and the move your spirit around the level (as long as you don’t pass through light) – allowing you to interact with objects, spawn a new body or jump back into one of your dead bodies.

There can be a bit of confusion about how your lives work, with some areas allowing you to die and respawn as many times as you like, while others limiting you to just three. However, once you get your head around the lives (and the core concept of the gameplay) you’ll find a very inventive puzzle platformer with an intriguing narrative, charming pixel art animation, a particularly catchy soundtrack and some incredibly devious level designs. A traumatic adventure well worth embarking on.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, X – Die (Control Pad Supported)

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Trauma Here

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