Trauma – Downloadable Game


Trauma is a creepy narrative focused game in which you walk through a mysterious dream world and encountering childhood memories and attempting to avoid bad ones.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, we’d recommend playing the game before reading on

The art style in Trauma is excellent, with beautiful hand drawn visuals and an adorable little protagonist. You wake up beside your bed and venture out into the game’s beautiful dream world. You have a small flame that lights your way, drawing energy from every good memory you encounter – but if you come across any bad memories they’ll sap your flames energy, causing you to fail. So to survive as you make your way through Trauma, you’re best off focusing on the good memories and attempting to forget the bad ones (good advice for life really!)

The ambiguous ending of Trauma is something that sticks with you long after playing – the final memory you encounter looks like a happy memory, but if you think about it for a while and take into account that the game is called ‘Trauma‘ then it may be something far more sinister….

Controls: Arrow Keys/WASD – Movement

Available On: Windows Only

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Trauma here

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