Traumatarium – Browser Game

Traumatarium is a roguelite dungeon crawler for Game Boy (and browser) where a musclebound warrior fights his way through monster-filled labyrinths to save a kingdom from an ancient evil.

Created by Horatiu (creator of Bitterroot and Neighbor), Traumatarium is a short roguelite dungeon crawler with visual novel stylings that aim to push the visual limitations of the three decade old Game Boy hardware. It really succeeds too and it a lot of fun into the bargain!

You have a town area where you can rest up, learn a little lore and purchase consumables and weapons. When you ‘re ready you can then attempt to tackle a dungeon. Each dungeon is a randomised selection of monster encounters and events (some of which can be good). Which you battle through ten levels off then attempt to defeat the boss.

The combat in Traumatarium is very simple, but enjoyable and the pixel artwork of the dungeons and monsters is very cool. At the moment the rate that you earn cash is a little on the low side so it can take forever to purchase any equipment, but it’s still entertaining and you may manage to tackle the tougher dungeons if you have a nice stockpile of potions. It’s a fun little dungeon crawler and all the more remarkable that it looks so good while still being playable on Nintendo’s classic handheld console.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Select, X/Z – Interact

Available On: Game Boy and Browser

Play of Download Traumatarium Here

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