Tread Lightly – Downloadable Game

Tread Lightly

Tread Lightly is a beautiful and poetic experience in which you use of a special lantern to bring light to a world enshrouded in darkness.

You control a lone wanderer, walking across a beautiful, silhouetted landscape.  Your lamp not only looks cool, but can also be used to activate totems and cause plants and trees to burst into life.  It also comes in handy for fighting off the lashing rain, which assaults you from multiple directions and can cause your lamp to be extinguished.

The art work and audio are both fantastic, helping to build a great sense of atmosphere.  Taking around 15 minutes to complete,Tread Lightly is a sedate but captivating experience as your mysterious, solitary figure traverses the landscape, lighting up the darkness.

Controls:  A & D – Left & Right,  Mouse – Aim Lantern,  Spacebar – Light lamp

Available On: Windows

Download Tread Lightly Here

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