Trenchpunk – Downloadable Game

Trenchpunk is a Wolfenstein 3D inspired dieselpunk FPS where you find yourself deep behind enemy lines on a mission to destroy their secret weapon.

The gameplay in Trenchpunk is similar to Wolfenstein 3D, with fast paced first person combat where your vertical axis is locked. The enemies are quick on the trigger and pretty accurate, so strafing is the key to staying alive. The game features three sizeable episodes and a nice selection of weaponry to mow down your enemies with.

It’s a pretty simple, but effective FPS with an excellent soundtrack, fast paced gameplay and very satisfying guns. It makes for a great little spiritual successor ro Wolfenstein 3D and is perfect for some pick-up-and-play run ‘n gun fun.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Wolfenstein 3D Here

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